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12 March 2011 @ 09:50 pm
What studying a foreign language means to me

Studying a foreign language means everything to me. Ever since I studied Japanese in my first year in high school, it has given me a second chance at life. I may be exaggerating but it really did help me a lot to getting used to high school. It has brought me new friends that I could have never imagined having. It brought me opportunity to go out into society and show off what Japan had to offer. It gave me the opportunity to perform Soran Bushi and to gracefully dance to the Sakura dance. It helped me understand a culture that I was never part of. Without Japanese, I don’t think I would be the person I would be today.

I’m a person that is really shy at first but as time goes on, I would slowly open myself to them. Therefore making friends from my perspective is a little bit more difficult than other peoples. Japanese has changed that. My classmates are really supportive of me and they would always try to include me into their circles. Through learning japanese together with my classmates, we had the chance to go through hardships and create a friendship unending like the clouds among the skies. Without studying Japanese, I would have never experienced how nice other people could be and how much support they could give off.

Several times I had the chance to share the culture of Japan towards audiences that were unfamiliar with it. For the last year or so I started participating into Soran Bushi which is a fisherman’s dance. With lots of practice and patience, I was able to make it into the dance team and share my love towards Japan to other people. I had the chance to perform at places that was far away from my home. I also got the chance to hang out with my friends and every minute and second I had spend outside my home with my friends, I cherished them all. I also had the chance to dance a traditional Sakura dance with fans. I was given the chance to wear a kimono too. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but I got used to it. With this experienced, I realized how much I loved taking this language class. It is no wonder how empty I felt after transferring into another school who did not have Japanese. When I transferred, the joy I had gained from the class slowly disappeared however I gained it back when I re-transferred into the school. Japanese class really means everything to me.

In general, I am a person of diverse background as I am vietnamese but I was not born in my mother country. I was born in Germany instead but I moved to America around my last years of elementary school. The culture of Japan is really beautiful. The architecture itself is really amazing to behold. With the mix of modern and traditional housing, it truly is a diverse culture that balances between the old and new eras. The language has taught me how formal or informal a person could be by the way they speak Japanese. It also shows off a bit of their personality. Learning Japanese helped me in general by judging a person by the way they carry themselves.

All in all, without studying a foreign language, I would have never came out of my shell. It has coaxed me out of my shell into a world of warm people and excitement. It has taught me a various things and I could not even begin to describe its importance it had on my life. It molded the very shoes I am wearing today and it helped me walk across the plateau that one felt very lonely. It helped me distinguish the monochrome world into polychrome one. It has made me into the person I am today, a person that is very lucky to have been able to study the Japanese language all three years of my high school life.
15 January 2010 @ 10:27 am


you can paint
with all the colours

this is a journal where a certain someone keeps track of their anime, manga, drama, fandoms and music in check. nothing to much to want to read about, know about and the sonstiges. its just a archieve of organization and diary-esque. if you want to add anyways to see whats in this journal, go ahead and do it. just comment on this post first. caution: casual rantess blahblah bla bla my goal is to post everyday at least once.

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